We understand that everyone has different choices and needs when it comes to buying a car. You may want the perfect first car with a small engine, or it could be a sportier model or even an SUV that takes your fancy. Whatever it is you want, our account…
For the thrill seekers amongst us, driving a supercar or hypercar is something we could only usually dream about. Track Experience days allows us to have a taste of the high life and gives us the adrenalin rush we crave when we think of these cars.
I’m sure we’ve all had that dream of owning a Classic Car, but never thought that it would be possible! We here at Leodis Financial can make the dream come true for you.
Where you have always thought it wouldn’t be possible to own your own prestige or luxury car, Leodis Financial are here to show you that it’s ALL possible.
For the people out there, that love the speed and thrills of a sports or racing car, then we have the perfect finance packages to help you, with our specialist lenders that understand the requirements for your next vehicle.
With the rise in popularity of the Electric and Hybrid vehicles, we have taken the time to research and partner with the best lenders that understand the requirement of their customers in this ever-increasing vehicle choice…
Motorbikes are becoming an ever more popular purchase for all ages as a mode of transport for work or even just for fun. This economical way to travel proves even more popular! Whether you’re looking for a zippy 125cc or the bigger engine bikes like a Ducati, Suzuki or Yamaha, talk to us about exactly what you need and we will do all the work on your behalf to get the finance in place.
The motorhome can be traced as far back as 1910!As a more and more popular way for us to be able to enjoy a holiday, people have chosen to look at alternatives to going abroad, particularly in times of covid and that’s where we see the purchase of Motor Homes increasing.Whether you’re wanting to holiday around the UK or venture across the waters in your own mobile hotel, we have the specialist lenders on board.
Ever wanted to have your own mode of transport for your equestrian friend, rather than having to hire someone else or rent a towable trailer? Well, we here at Leodis Financial can help you achieve this through our panel of lenders that specialise in financing these types of vehicles…