There may come a point during your finance term, that it becomes necessary to reduce your outgoings, but this doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to sell your vehicle. One option could be to rearrange the finance on the vehicle – in a similar way that you would re-mortgage your house.
You may want to extend the term of the finance to reduce the monthly payments or in some cases, you may decide to refinance to shorten the term of the current finance so the vehicle will become yours much faster.
Again, if you have a balloon payment on your current finance deal, you can look at refinancing the balloon too so you can still own the vehicle.
Our team of advisors are here to help you with any of your funding requirements and help you decide which Is the best option for you.
Refinancing can help you by
For us to be able to help you, the first step would be to verify all the terms around your current finance package, but we can help you with all of this. Get in touch either by phone on ***** ****** or fill in the contact form and we can start working to get you the right deal.


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