Hire Purchase is one of the many solutions that we offer as a finance option at Leodis Financial Ltd.
It means that rather than having to find a huge lump sum to purchase your vehicle, you can spread this over a period of upto 60 months. You will know each month what you have to pay which will help you manage your monthly finances more effectively
You can use your existing vehicle towards a deposit or pay a lump sum in cash (if the car has finance remaining on it, the equity in your existing vehicle once the finance has been settled will go towards the deposit). Usually, the deposit maximum is 50% of the value of your new vehicle. The remainder of the value plus the interest is then calculated over the finance period which is usually between 1 and 5 years and your monthly payment is agreed. At the end of the agreement, once the ‘option to purchase’ fee has been paid, you will own the vehicle rather than having to pay a balloon payment.
You must take on board the below factors when deciding if Hire Purchase is right for you:-


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