If you are looking to finance any new or used high performance vehicles, supercars or classics, our expert team is here to help.
Popular Autos Finance Enquiry FAQs
Because we work with a wide range of lenders, we can search the market for a suitable finance option that is based on your profile and needs. The finance is secured on the vehicle and you will only legally own the vehicle at the end of the agreement unless you decide to hand the vehicle back
Our lenders criteria means that we start our vehicle loans at £5,000 with no upper limit (depending on your personal circumstances).
Some lenders may be able to give you the reasons for the refusal, but this is dependent on the circumstances and the lender. Some common reasons for refusal are a poor credit score, missed payments on other goods, affordability in the eyes of the lender.

If you can wait, it would be better not to apply for finance again straight away as this will put another hard search on your credit file, which can go against you when applying for finance further down the line.