Because we work with a wide range of lenders, we can search the market for a suitable finance option that is based on your profile and needs. The finance is secured on the vehicle and you will only legally own the vehicle at the end of the agreement unless you decide to hand the vehicle back
Our lenders criteria means that we start our vehicle loans at £5,000 with no upper limit (depending on your personal circumstances).
Some lenders may be able to give you the reasons for the refusal, but this is dependent on the circumstances and the lender. Some common reasons for refusal are a poor credit score, missed payments on other goods, affordability in the eyes of the lender.

If you can wait, it would be better not to apply for finance again straight away as this will put another hard search on your credit file, which can go against you when applying for finance further down the line.
Yes! We work with a hand-picked panel of lenders to enable us to try and help all different types of customers. No two customers are the same and each has different requirements, be it poor credit record, low income or no deposit. No vehicle finance is guaranteed even if it’s secured on the vehicle, but our account managers will try to find the best solution for you.
The key to improving your credit is:
  • If you have no credit, getting some can help to show a payment track record
  • Make sure you are on the electoral roll for the address you live at
  • Ensure there’s no late payments or missed payments on any other agreements
  • Check there are no errors on your credit file
  • Check there is no fraudulent activity on your credit file
  • Don’t continually apply for credit as this affects your credit file
  • Get rid of any defaults, CCJ’s or bankruptcies
In short, yes you can use your current vehicle, as long as it is free from finance. This is a good way to put a deposit down on your next vehicle without having to raise the cash. Using your vehicle, may help reduce the monthly payments if its worth more than the standard deposit required.
No. Our panel of lenders work with many dealerships from the large brand franchises, right down to the independent dealers. If the dealership you are dealing with isn’t approved, it could be something that one of our lenders may consider if they have a solid trading history and are happy to work with the lender to open an account. This may mean it takes slightly longer, but if your heart is set on that particular vehicle, it’s worth the slightly extended wait.
Regulations have changed in the UK recently, which means we are unable to negotiate the rates given by the lenders. They set the rates as the lender, not us as the broker

However, because we have a wide range of lenders on our panel, you can be rest assured that we will be working to get you the best offer we can.
As a broker, we understand Islamic or Halal car finance and we can help you arrange the funds you need under the Sharia Law guidance. This law is one that forbids interest rates, so the finance works in a different way to the typical finance agreements. You can still spread the vehicle costs over a period of time, therefore benefitting from not having to find a large sum to buy a vehicle. Please contact our team to find out more.
With the regulated products we offer as a broker, there is a 14-day cooling off period so that in the event you decide within these first 2 weeks that you no longer want the vehicle, you are able to reverse the agreement.
Yes you can, but please bear in mind that some of our lenders may charge penalties, depending on the length of time you have had the agreement. It could also affect you if you continue to swap the cars before the term is up.
Yes, it is. Technically, the finance company have the rights to the vehicle until you have paid the agreement off or handed the vehicle back.
You would need to contact your lender directly, whilst we will do as much as we can to assist you, you would need to speak to them for the figures.
We wouldn’t contact your employer, but the lender may want to do some checks that could involve contacting them. This isn’t necessarily the case for all lenders.
Our panel of lenders will undoubtedly carry out a credit search to help them to make a lending decision on your application. This does leave a mark on your credit file (this may not be on all the credit reference agencies, it depends on who the lender uses). We recommend not making multiple credit applications, as this will impact your credit score in a negative way and potentially prevent you obtaining the credit. On the positive side, having a car finance agreement on your file and ensuring it is paid on time every month, is likely to help your credit score, along with any other credit agreements being paid on time, every month too.
Yes, it is. There are lenders that do not require you to put a deposit down. Contact our account managers to discuss this further
Unfortunately, not. The finance is against a specific vehicle and the deal is worked out based on various criteria related to that one vehicle. To finance a new vehicle, you would need to take out a new agreement.
If your credit status is acceptable, there’s no reason you can’t have two finance agreements
In short, No. The agreement is granted based on you personally and your credit profile.
It’s not impossible, but it is likely to be more difficult, but our lenders look at each situation in it’s own merit. Contact us to discuss this further.
Yes, you are absolutely allowed to sell the vehicle, however, the finance agreement must be settled before the buyer takes ownership.