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Leodis Financial can help you get your next vehicle through their hand-picked selection of lenders. Whether you are wanting a modern-day vehicle, or a vintage or classic, then speak to one of our knowledgeable team. We can also help you finance your sports car or supercar or even your personal van. We have it all covered and can help you wherever you or your new vehicle are based.
The key thing to remember throughout the process of buying a car is to make sure you are working with knowledgeable and professional people. Whilst the car dealers are experts in their field of motor vehicles, they aren’t finance specialists, so, you need to have the knowledge and support of a finance company such as us!

1st Class Customer Service

As a team, we very much believe in developing long-term connections both with our customers and our finance partners alike. This means that we have a 1st class reputation for customer support amongst our vast array of contacts.

A Partner you can rely on

We may not be the largest finance broker in the UK, but this means that we can take pride in looking at bespoke solutions to suit your personal needs and getting to know you as our customer.

Personalised Flexible Solutions

Our hand-picked Account Managers are both experienced and qualified to be able to look at bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs. We are not a ‘one solution fits all’ broker

Because we understand that the whole experience of buying your new vehicle is exciting, we also want to make it as easy as possible for you and as hassle free as we can, so you can go about your day. We are lucky to work with some of the UK’s biggest lenders to help us do this.
We feel that everyone should have the chance to own the vehicle they want, so we will work to get you into the vehicle of your dreams. Our team believes ‘if you want it, we will work with you to help you get it’

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Working with your own personal Account Manager means that they understand what’s important to you for the purchase of your next vehicle – whether it’s the monthly payment or the term of the loan we will make sure your needs are met to get you into that car.
Don’t waste anymore time, put your trust in our team and arrange a call back right NOW!

Here's Why You Can Have Confidence In Leodis Financial

We are an independent reputable finance broker based in the UK and we are approved by SAF. Our team is hand selected so we can therefore ensure they work to the same exacting standards and will work hard to meet your needs for the purchasing of your vehicle. We always put our customers at the heart of our business.

Unrivalled Bespoke

As an independent broker approved by SAF, we work closely with our selected finance partners to find you the best deal with the least stress for yourself. This gives you the confidence that you will have no unanswered questions and no worries, so you can sit back and relax while we do all the work for you.

Flexible Payment Options

Our hand-picked partners means that we can really drill down into your requirements and work with you on a vast array of options whether you want to look at a PCP, HP or other more advanced options. We are not restricted on the types of vehicles we can finance, so if you want to get your everyday vehicle, or you want to treat yourself to something a little more luxurious, then be assured, we’ve got you from start to finish.

You can count on us!

Because we know the process from start to finish, we understand that there are questions along the way during the deal being finalised. Our hand-picked account managers are there 100% of the way and our aim is to make this journey as smooth as possible for you

Vehicle Finance

General Vehicles

General Vehicles

We understand that everyone has different choices and needs when it comes to buying a car.
You may want the perfect first car with a small engine, or it could be a sportier model or even an SUV that takes your fancy. Whatever it is you want, our account managers can find the perfect finance partner to make the purchase stress free, quick and simple. We will work with you on securing the best option for you.

Supercar & Hypercar Finance

For the thrill seekers amongst us, driving a supercar or hypercar is something we could only usually dream about. Track Experience days allows us to have a taste of the high life and gives us the adrenalin rush we crave when we think of these cars.

Supercar & Hypercar Finance

Classic Car Finance

Classic Car Finance

I’m sure we’ve all had that dream of owning a Classic Car, but never thought that it would be possible! We here at Leodis Financial can make the dream come true for you.

Prestige & Luxury Car Finance

Where you have always thought it wouldn’t be possible to own your own prestige or luxury car, Leodis Financial are here to show you that it’s ALL possible.

Prestige & Luxury Car Finance

Sports and Racing Car Finance

Sports and Racing Car Finance

For the people out there, that love the speed and thrills of a sports or racing car, then we have the perfect finance packages to help you, with our specialist lenders that understand the requirements for your next vehicle.

Electric Car Finance

With the rise in popularity of the Electric and Hybrid vehicles, we have taken the time to research and partner with the best lenders that understand the requirement of their customers in this ever- increasing vehicle choice.

Electric Car Finance

Motorbike Finance

Motorbike Finance

Motorbikes are becoming an ever more popular purchase for all ages as a mode of transport for work or even just for fun. This economical way to travel proves even more popular! Whether you’re looking for a zippy 125cc or the bigger engine bikes like a Ducati, Suzuki or Yamaha, talk to us about exactly what you need and we will do all the work on your behalf to get the finance in place.

Motor Homes

The motorhome can be traced as far back as 1910!
As a more and more popular way for us to be able to enjoy a holiday, people have chosen to look at alternatives to going abroad, particularly in times of covid and that’s where we see the purchase of Motor Homes increasing.

Motor Homes

Horesbox Finance

Horesbox Finance

Ever wanted to have your own mode of transport for your equestrian friend, rather than having to hire someone else or rent a towable trailer? Well, we here at Leodis Financial can help you achieve this through our panel of lenders that specialise in financing these types of vehicles

Types of Finance


PCP - Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase is commonly referred to as a PCP and is another of the popular finance types that we here at Leodis Financial can offer.
Because PCP offers a balloon payment at the end of the agreement, it makes the monthly payments lower, so this option is becoming more and more popular for high-cost vehicles. You can have this agreement for a maximum of 48 months, but the vehicle can be no older than 7 years of age by the end of the agreement (If your vehicle is, say, 4 years old at the time of purchase, then you could only have the pcp for 36 months)

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is one of the many solutions that we offer as a finance option at Leodis Financial Ltd.
It means that rather than having to find a huge lump sum to purchase your vehicle, you can spread this over a period of upto 60 months. You will know each month what you have to pay which will help you manage your monthly finances more effectively.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is another one of the many solutions that we offer as a finance option at Leodis Financial Ltd.
This solution can also be referred to as Hire Purchase with a balloon payment and can be a great alternative for you to reduce the monthly payments that the usual Hire Purchase option demands.


There may come a point during your finance term, that it becomes necessary to reduce your outgoings, but this doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to sell your vehicle. One option could be to rearrange the finance on the vehicle – in a similar way that you would re-mortgage your house.
You may want to extend the term of the finance to reduce the monthly payments or in some cases, you may decide to refinance to shorten the term of the current finance so the vehicle will become yours much faster.










Prestige Car Finance

Luxury Car Finance

  • Manual underwriting enables a flexible view of your credit position
  • Fixed or variable rates, deposits and scheduled lump sums to suit you
  • Competitive rates and monthly repayments

Supercar Finance

  • Sensible balloons allow the lowest possible monthly payments
  • Loans from £25k upwards for all marques of supercars and hypercars
  • Quick credit decisions driven by humans

Classic Car Finance

  • Any age of car considered, including classic, vintage and historic cars
  • Deep expertise in classics means speedy and realistic valuations
  • Equity release available for classics

Electric Car Finance

  • Electric and hybrid finance from 12 to 60 months
  • Quick decisions ensure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase
  • Sensible valuations and loan to value

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We’ve shaken up the system; with us, you can get your finance sorted first and then choose a car with confidence from any reputable dealer.

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Paperwork, dealer negotiations, vehicle checks? We’ll sort it. You can sit back and relax while your dedicated account manager takes care of all the admin for you


Because we work with a wide range of lenders, we can search the market for a suitable finance option that is based on your profile and needs. The finance is secured on the vehicle and you will only legally own the vehicle at the end of the agreement unless you decide to hand the vehicle back
Our lenders criteria means that we start our vehicle loans at £5,000 with no upper limit (depending on your personal circumstances).
Some lenders may be able to give you the reasons for the refusal, but this is dependent on the circumstances and the lender. Some common reasons for refusal are a poor credit score, missed payments on other goods, affordability in the eyes of the lender.

If you can wait, it would be better not to apply for finance again straight away as this will put another hard search on your credit file, which can go against you when applying for finance further down the line.
Yes! We work with a hand-picked panel of lenders to enable us to try and help all different types of customers. No two customers are the same and each has different requirements, be it poor credit record, low income or no deposit. No vehicle finance is guaranteed even if it’s secured on the vehicle, but our account managers will try to find the best solution for you.