Rolls-Royce has had a lasting reputation for producing automobiles at the top of luxury motoring for over a century. Rolls-Royce is a global icon of British luxury, and it is the brand to which many people aspire. For over 15 years, our experts have been financing Rolls-Royce automobiles. So, whether it’s a new Cullinan, a vintage Phantom, or the stunning Wraith, get in touch with us now to chat with one of our Rolls-Royce financing specialists.
Please contact us first if you are considering financing a Rolls Royce. We specialise in bespoke financing for high-end vehicles and can fund any Rolls Royce.
When it comes to car loans, one size does not fit all. As a consequence, our dedicated FinCar staff will get to know you and your requirements. They can then customize a finance plan for you and your vehicle.

Why Finance with us?


We take into account many more factors than other lenders, including the car’s true residual value, other assets you own, and your personal situation.


We are a direct lender and our team works tirelessly so we can make quick decisions to ensure you don’t miss out on that Rolls-Royce of your dreams.


We know our prestige and luxury vehicles inside out, and Rolls-Royce is among the most desirable cars we finance. We have the expertise and experience to create a finance solution tailored to you, including Rolls Royce lease deals.


We are a direct lender, so we can make quick decisions to ensure you don’t miss out on that Rolls-Royce of your dreams. Rolls Royce leasing is a specialty (with Rolls Royce wraith lease the most popular).

Rolls Royce FAQs

Financing a Royce has never been easier. Just pick up the phone and dial 0000 and we provide affordable financing options for you to drive your dream car.
Yes you can but there may be some sort of charge you would have to pay.
We offer different financing options and every one of them is customised according to the needs of the client.