Audi has a reputation for delivering highly innovative and well-built vehicles. An Audi interior is a work of art in terms of design and craftsmanship. Our specialists understand how to locate the best financing for your Audi. So, whether you’re looking for a Q5 Sportback or a Q4 etron, we’ve got you covered.
If you are thinking about purchasing an Audi, please contact us first. We specialize in custom financial solutions for high-value automobiles and can fund any Audi, new or old.
Whenever it concerns car financing, one size does not fit all. That’s why the personnel assigned to you at FinCar will get to know you and your needs. They can then tailor a financing arrangement to you and your vehicle.

Why Finance with us?


Finance personally designed to suit you and your vehicle


Face-to-face conversations, and fast decisions made by humans


We specialize in high-end vehicles. That’s our only focus


Fast results, with the ability to achieve low monthly repayments

Audi FAQs

FinCar will help you finance the Audi you want or even if you’re confused our team will walk you through different models or the models that are best suited for your needs.
Audi is a preferable vehicle for many people and when thinking about the best Audi, it depends on what you want in your car and, our team of experts will help you will find you the car best suited for you.
Yes, you can add the driver as a temporary one in your insurance.